Al-Azhar Syifa Budi (ASB) is a group of private Islamic schools with its headquarter located in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

 Founded in 1979 by Late Haji Maulwi Saelan a retired military colonel, with an aim of providing international standards Islamic education from Pre-School to Senior High School by integrating national curriculum, Islamization of knowledge along with concepts of character building, nationalism and modern scientific knowledge from an Islamic point of view. 

House of H. Maulwi Saelan, Jalan Kemang Raya No. 7, Jakarta, converted to be the first school building in 1979.
Pak Kasur attending the grand launch of SDI Al-Azhar Filial Kemang, accompanied by Ny. Ida Saodah dan Hepi Hapsari.

ASB school has a long history of educational excellence and community service. A pioneer in Islamic Education in Indonesia, the school has boast of graduates who have gone on to make notable contributions in Indonesian society and abroad. 

Started only with 30 students back in late 70’s,  ASB has come a long way, currently we are managing more than 40 school units all over Indonesia with an approx. 9,000 active students.  ASB is considered as one of the leading Islamic School networks in Indonesia, known for providing affordable quality education for the youth of Indonesian families.

Governor of DKI Jakarta dan Ny. Soeprapti Soeprapto in TK Al-Azhar Filial Kemang innauguation