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Founded on July 26, 1975, Syifa Budi Foundation aims to educate the people through its school system covering kindergarten, primary and secondary education, hoping it can assist in the establishment of a nation where people are faithful, knowledgeable, courteous and compliant to the ONE and Only Supreme ALLAH.

The philosophy of Syifa Budi Foundation, pioneered by Haji Maulwi Saelan’s family, is based on the values of Al-Quran, Al-Hadith, Faith and concept of Pancasila. Syifa Budi Foundation is committed to leading its students to knowledge, skills, and wisdom through its Four-in-One education concept that combines Religion, Nationalism, Science and Technology, as well as quality education experiences within and outside its campuses. Through an innovative partnership with educational institutions across the world, Syifa Budi Foundation has been preparing students nationwide for the demands and enormous opportunities of the information society while creating a qualified talent pool for building and maintains quality education networks.

Syifa Budi Foundation has come a long way in establishing some of the most innovative and strategic quality primary and tertiary education programmes. Thousands of students have sailed through the doors of Al-Azhar Syifa Budi and obtained various reputable national and international qualifications. Armed with its persevering emphasis on “Quality Education”, Al-Azhar Syifa Budi has a proven track record of achievements through its leadership, remarkable management expertise and the unwavering dedication of its team of professionals across its education networks.